Is Airsoft a Good Choice of Hobby for the Whole Family?

There are families who like doing everything together. Apart from dining out, watching movies, or shopping, there are families who also like being active together. There are those who run, bike, climb, hike and swim together. Even bowling is a good way to spend time with family members and still be active.

If you’re thinking of something new, maybe you can try airsoft. This is more playful and exciting than playing laser tag or paintball. Airsoft can be considered as a variation of paintball but requires more strategy and skill. You can really use a lot of planning and teamwork when you play as a family. Strategising is important here, and so is cooperation and execution. You will also need to have the right gear and accessories to win. In order to be the best spring airsoft sniper, it would be wise to invest in gear and equipment so you can execute your moves flawlessly.

How does it work?

Playing airsoft is serious business. It is considered a competitive team sport that can also be ruthless and brutal to those who take it seriously. Opponents are eliminated when they are shot or hit with plastic BB pellets. The replica weapons are also called airsoft guns. But while people also associate them with paintball, enthusiasts maintain that there are fundamental differences between airsoft and paintball.

For one, airsoft pellets do not mark opponents unlike when you’re hit by a paintball. In the latter, you will be able to easily identify which players are already “out” of the game because of the huge blob of paint splattered in front of the person’s chest. He can no longer continue playing because everyone can see that he has already been hit. In airsoft, however, there are no visible paint marks left by the pellets, so this system requires honesty and integrity in the case of the players. He or she needs to declare himself as “out” even if no one has seen him get hit.

Another major difference is that airsoft guns are magazine fed and also require different accessories such as CO2 canisters. Enthusiasts will need to invest in this equipment and peripherals, not to mention set aside time for cleaning and maintenance of their airsoft guns and accessories.

Finally, airsoft guns do not look anything like paintball guns. They look more like real guns more than anything else and this is why they are used more by police and military personnel for training or “war games”.

However, experts do say that airsoft is a much cheaper sport to engage in rather than paintball. It will cost you about £4 per game of airsoft, while paintball costs significantly more on a per hour basis because of the gear and the ink or paint involved.

What Makes Airsoft a Family Game?

Admittedly, airsoft is not a game for toddlers or very young children, but those who have school-aged kids and want to spend time with them will find airsoft as an interesting hobby to pursue. Think of it in the same vein as you do families who go hunting, camping, or fishing together. It’s not exclusively a male thing, but it will also teach girls good instincts and strategic thinking.

As a family, you will operate as a unit during airsoft games. You can compete against one or more teams or families and battle it out for survival. Just be sure to give your children a rundown of safety precautions and measures before you start the game.

Additionally, buy protective gear to be on the safe side. Even if the airsoft pellets are small, they are still shot at a high velocity that could cause injury. Wear protective eye gear, helmets, elbow and shin guards as well as sturdy boots. The terrain can sometimes be rough and challenging and a little rain is not an exception.

The games continue rain or shine and can sometimes go on for hours. Prepare a backpack that is loaded with supplies such as water, first aid, and some quick sources of nourishment like muesli and granola bars. Even some easy to consume fruit such as apples or raisins can help during the games. This way, you will stay hydrated and nourished all the time.

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Is Family Becoming Less and Less Valued?

There was a time when the family was considered the basic unit of every society. People aimed at getting married and have kids of their own. Recent surveys conducted among millennials show that having a family is no longer a priority for them.

Perhaps, it could also be blamed on the number of failed marriages in society. Add to that the fact that people are becoming more career-oriented these days. They prefer getting rich and having a more stable career than starting their own family and settling down.

It might seem like younger people are no longer into the traditional definition of marriage. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they give no importance on family values. There are still a lot of young people who want to get married. They just don’t want to be pressured by the society on what to do. They also want to define their own values in marriage.

Even if younger people try to stay away from the traditional definition of marriage, they are now redefining it in such a way that family values are preserved.

If you are one of these people who have a different definition of marriage and in a more radical way at that, it is perfectly fine. No one should tell you who to love and what type of relationship to be engaged in. As long as you are happy with your decision and no one told you to do so, you might as well give it a shot.

Eventually, if you have your own family, be as loving and caring as you possibly could. You may have a different perspective about marriage and relationship, but this should not in any way, compromise your parenting.

Provide your kids with only the best things in life. If you are planning to have kids soon, don’t forget to drop by Baby Gear Guide. You will find only the best products for your baby. From strollers, bouncers and baby carriers, everything that you need is there. Again, when it comes to the needs of your kids, you should not settle for anything less. They deserve the best that life has to offer.

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How my father grew a beard and I didn’t even recognise him

You may have seen photos of celebrities with and without their beard. You can easily see the difference between those photos. They look more mature with their beards on, but are younger without one. In fact, there are instances in which you can barely recognize them. They look as if they were different persons.

I felt the same way with my father. I used to seeing him without a beard. He is a clean guy who shaves almost all the time. He doesn’t let his facial hair grow too long without trimming it or shaving it off. This is why I was totally surprised when suddenly, he has grown a beard. I barely noticed it as I was away from home for several months to attend college. I was just surprised to go home one day seeing him with long beard. It was a surreal moment. It was as if I went home to a different house and I have seen a different father.

Why he did it

I confronted him about his decision to grow a beard and he didn’t say anything weird or surprising. He just wanted a different look and so he decided to grow a beard. He told me that it would be fun to shake things up and come up with a look that we are not used to. He also told me that he has not grown a beard at any stage of his life and it would be fun to have one now. Besides, it is as if he is in a corporate world where he has to look clean and shaven. He said that since his retirement, he has stayed home almost all the times.

He also told me though that it was not a permanent look. In fact, he is already preparing his shaving kit to remove the beard any time. He starts feeling itchy with the beard and he wants to even rip it off. He is just trying his patience and find out how long it would take him before deciding to shave the hair off.

Hearing his story made me feel relieved. I thought there was a deeper reason behind his decision to grow a beard. I thought he had a tough fight with my other or that we are in a deep financial trouble. Apparently, none of those suspicions were true. He was just trying to experiment at a late stage in his life.

A rebel at heart

He grew up in a very strict environment. His mother was conservative and they were raised in an uptight Christian family. He also studied in a Catholic school and even went on a mission to South America for a few months. He has graduated with flying colors and even proceeded with his postgraduate studies. This is the reason why he wants to shake things up right now. He knows that if he won’t do it now, he might not have the chance.

Going back to the old look

After a week of being at home for the summer break, I have woken up to the old father that I used to know. He has already removed the beard and looked great again. Personally, I prefer him without one. He looked a lot younger without a beard. He also showed me the beard trimmer that he has purchased online. He was very proud of it. In fact, he bought it long before he decided to grow a beard.

A touching story

I have never seen this side of my father before. He was really uptight and slightly conservative, even though he was more liberal with us. I appreciated him more with his move to grow a beard. It might seem like a crazy move, but he deserved it. In fact, all of us do. Whether it is growing a beard or dying our hair, it is ultimately our choice. As long as we think it would liberate us and make us feel better, we should do it.

Perhaps, I will also do some crazy stuff someday. I was thinking of changing my hair color this summer to surprise my family. However, growing a beard is definitely not in my plan. It would take lots of courage before I even decide to go for it.

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Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Family Time in the 21st Century

In today’s age and time, it is quite difficult to come up with a quality family time. In between work and chores at home, spending time with the entire family could be a big struggle. There are times when you want to go out and have fun with the kids, but you just want to make use of that time to take a nap. There are ways though for you to still enhance your family time in this modern age.

  1. Seek help. It doesn’t hurt if you let other people do your job for you. If you can afford to pay someone to clean your house up or cook your meals, then do it. You would rather pay someone and get that extra time to bond with your kids and do everything by yourself and get really cranky.
  2. Involve the kids. There are times when you have to work but your kids would love to play with you. The best option is to let your kids help you out. They would feel great if they can also help with the chores. It is also a way of teaching them valuable lessons.
  3. Don’t bring your job home. It is a must that when the time for work is over, it should really be over. The moment you are back home, you are a parent and a partner. Don’t let deadlines bother you. Make sure that you don’t talk work at home especially in front of the kids.
  4. Maximize the use of technology. There are things that could be made easier using technology. For instance, you can put everything on a reminder app so that you won’t forget certain tasks. You can also download software to help you with certain jobs while you spend time with your kids.
  5. Install above ground pools. Who doesn’t want the best above ground pools? This would cost a fortune but if it helps enhance your family time, then go for it. You work hard for your family. They deserve only the best. Having this pool at home will definitely make you spend more time with each other.

Family time is important. You have to do everything you could to be a good parent and a partner.

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A Flash Into The Childhood Of James Partleton

James Partleton was born on 05/05/1837. His parents were James Partleton & Mary Ann Palmer.
There are opinions that May Ann Palmer was married earlier to another man. Divorce was a rare occurrence those days, so it is said that his parents could never get married. James was their first of nine kids. His birth place was Houghton Street, Clare Market, Strand.

At the age of four, James was baptised at Feathers Court, a yard which was notorious for all kinds of vices like prostitution, drunkenness, all kinds of disease outbreaks etc.

Drury Lane at Feathers Court is where James lived till he was 9 years. There were many other notorious streets nearby like Coal Yard where thieves found harbour, Barley court which was home to returned convicts, men & women of bad character etc.

Ashlin’s place was yet another building which later came to be known as Ragged Staff Court. The condition of this place was so bad due to a sickening smell that passing through that street was also a torture. The pathetic situation of the neighbourhoods can be understood as James lost his brother and two sisters to serious diseases.

Every room in Feathers Court had one family staying in it. James used to stay with his large family in a single room .There was no proper arrangement for cooking in any of these rooms. The house was intended for one family which never happened. All the families had to sacrifice many comforts and adjust with meagre facilities.

The sewage and septic tank facilities were almost nonexistent .These unhygienic conditions led way to outbreak of many diseases which claimed the lives of many.

Another building was Russell Court which was a special place to live in as it had a cemetery in the courtyard. It was here that most of the people in the neighbourhood were buried.

The above description would give you an idea of the environment in which James lived in the early years of his childhood.

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James Partleton- Information On His Further Years

After nine years of wretched existence at Drury Lane, the Partletons decided to move to Lambeth, where the rest of the Partleton clan was living. Though they moved with great hopes of getting a better future, nothing of the sort happened. Things seemed to go worse there. James got a new baby brother on 2/05/1847.Then they must have moved to Dukes Head Court (also known as Crookets Alley) as there is evidence that he lost a sister in 1849 there. She died from Cholera, most probably contracted from drinking contaminated water from Thames.

Two years later the family was still in the same place as proven in the UK census taken then. A school called Ragged school is mentioned in records. It was run by charity and had just two classrooms-One for boys and the other for girls. There is no evidence that James ever attended school. His elder generation knew how to read and write, however he could not even sign his name. Probably his younger brothers and sisters attended school.

In July 1851, a new baby had joined the family. From the 1861 census, it is understood that James was then a labourer who still lived with his parents in Lambeth. James lived next to the stinkiest soap factories of the neighbourhood. At the age of 25, he got married to Emma Gould .From the marriage certificate, it is understood that Emma was a literate.

Catherine Partleton, James’ sister, was a witness to the marriage. James had given his occupation as a painter in the same. They must have moved to Waterloo for a while and then back to Lambeth where his first son was born in 1862.The baby was christened at St Mary-the-Less Church. When his second child was born in 1864, they were living at Wickham Street. However this baby girl did not survive for more than a year. The next girl was born in 1865.

Then again another baby girl in 1866. The family moved north following James’ work. James and Emma had twin baby boys later out of whom one passed away six months after birth. They had two more boys in the coming years. James was working as a rice miller by this time. His living conditions were improving and the family was crawling out of the very poor state.

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How The Industrial Revolution Changed The Lives Of British Citizens

The Industrial revolution influenced the life in Victorian England to a great extent. Citizens from rural areas started moving to the cities where the social change was dominant. Along with the advantages, a number of negative effects also came into existence.

Victorian Houses

As the population of the city regions increased suddenly, there were many issues regarding how to accommodate all the citizens. Many grand houses were converted into flats Tenemant buildings were constructed to accommodate workers and their families. The living conditions were pathetic and a single family irrespective of the number of members had to be cramped into a single room. The basic facilities like running water, cooking facilities, sanitation arrangements were all minimal. In spite of these bad living conditions, the rent was unbearable. The tenants could not argue for fear of being asked to vacate.

Public facilities

An advantage of this enormous shift of people to the city was the invention of many public facilities for the convenience of citizens. The London Tube was introduced in 1863 which was a huge success. It aided in the transportation of millions of people .The Tower Bridge was built in 1894 which was another convenience for movement.


Probably due to the poor living conditions, most of the crimes reported at that time were petty thefts, food stealing etc. violent crimes were rare. People were basically struggling to survive.


The idea of Department shops came into existence by the mid 1800s.Before this all essential items were brought to the doorstep of houses and were purchased. A far cry from the abundance with have today with online shopping. Customers didn’t have many options and had to be satisfied with what the seller brought along with him. Even bakers and butchers used to bring their supplies to the servants door of all houses where the cook would choose what the family needed. This was also way before the advent of technical tools, so definitely no chainsaws like these.

The industrial revolution was a major event in the history of British people. It brought enormous change to the lives of the citizens.

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Tracing the History

What The Situation In Britain Was Like In 1800

In 1800 the living conditions were a blend of luxury and poverty. A handful of high class society members indulged in royalty and tyranny while the majority of the common population suffered from the throes of misery and poverty. There was a population explosion during this period due to longer life spans, immigration, the industrial revolution etc.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, there was a huge movement of people from the villages to towns and cities. This sudden population explosion in the cities caused many problems. The cities were not ready to accommodate such large number of residents. Housing them all became big problems. All the grand houses were converted into places to accommodate many families together. Many flats sprung up to accommodate workers.

When so many families started living in such close association, living conditions became scarce. Every family got only one room and they had to adjust in that. Poor sanitation conditions, inadequate cooking arrangements, improper heating facilities, outbreak of contagious diseases etc resulted in atrocious living conditions. Most of the buildings were not maintained properly.

The worst nightmare was probably the poor condition of drinking water. Most of the waste, including human excreta, was disposed into the Thames. This was the water that most of the citizens were using for drinking and cooking purposes. Diseases like cholera, typhoid spread widely claiming the lives of millions of children.

The crime rate increased at alarming rates. However violence was not present. It was a question of survival for many. Petty thefts, stealing food and other essential items happened on a large scale.
Child labour was also another main issue as children also had to join the hard work to support their families. The conditions which the children were forced to work were extremely dangerous and unhygienic.

Living conditions during 1800 were pathetic and alarming to many while a few people enjoyed a royal life.

Tracing the History

Some Unknown Facts About The History Of London

British history has always been interesting as it is a vast topic. There are certain facts that remain unknown to many. Let’s take a look at some of the less known topics.

On the Spot marriages
During 1613 and 1754, there was a legal loophole which allowed on the spot marriages. The area near Fleet Debtors’ Prison was the main venue for such marriages. It was also known as the Liberties of the Fleets.

Charing Cross
The original Charing Cross was also known as Eleanor’s Cross. This was erected in the memory of Eleanor of Castile, the wife of Edward I in 1290. He erected a memorial cross at every point the funeral procession stopped to rest. The final one was at the village of Charing.

Chelsea buns
Chelsea bun house was opened in the early 1700s at Jew’s Row by Richard Hand. The interiors were decorated by rare clocks and artifacts. Many royal families and famous personalities used to visit the Bun House regularly. On Good Fridays, more than 50000 customers would gather to purchase the products sold here.

The Colosseum
Between 1824 and 1827, a Colosseum was built at Regent’s Park by Decimus Burton. The dome of this structure was larger than the St Paul’s cathedral .It had a painting by Thomas Hornor, giving a magnificent panoramic view of London. This building slowly lost all its popularity after it was sold to John Barham, an opera singer in 1831.This fine structure was later demolished in 1874/75 and was replaced by the Cambridge Gate.

High class living on the Strand
The Strand could boast of being the chosen spot for some of the finest houses in London. This was before the Embankment was built. One of the houses that stays in the memory of all is the Durham house.

The first Globe theatre, Euston Arch and many more other structures were all part of the British history at some point of time.