Tracing Your Family History

Tips To Start Tracing Your Family History

Tracing your family history is both interesting and confusing at the same time. Here are some tips to make the hunt easier:-

Get started on creating a family tree
A family tree is the best way to trace all your family details. Building your family tree will help you find some very interesting details about how it all began.

Collect as many family scrap books as possible
Find birth, death, marriage certificates .Talk to elders and get information on family events they remember.

Record all the information you collect online.
You never know how events could get connected to each other. So record every single detail you find about your family history, however small it seems. This may be the link between major events.

Collect family stories relevant to society
Every family will have stories of events relevant to society. There may be people who went to a war, people who actively participated in noble causes etc. When you get hold of such details, you can easily access public records and get more clear ideas of the period.

Talk to relatives
Find out from both your far and near relatives various stories of the family members. Photographs, old albums, diary recordings, scrap books all help in providing information.

Follow these simple tips and gather lots of information about your family history.