Tracing the History

Some Unknown Facts About The History Of London

British history has always been interesting as it is a vast topic. There are certain facts that remain unknown to many. Let’s take a look at some of the less known topics.

On the Spot marriages
During 1613 and 1754, there was a legal loophole which allowed on the spot marriages. The area near Fleet Debtors’ Prison was the main venue for such marriages. It was also known as the Liberties of the Fleets.

Charing Cross
The original Charing Cross was also known as Eleanor’s Cross. This was erected in the memory of Eleanor of Castile, the wife of Edward I in 1290. He erected a memorial cross at every point the funeral procession stopped to rest. The final one was at the village of Charing.

Chelsea buns
Chelsea bun house was opened in the early 1700s at Jew’s Row by Richard Hand. The interiors were decorated by rare clocks and artifacts. Many royal families and famous personalities used to visit the Bun House regularly. On Good Fridays, more than 50000 customers would gather to purchase the products sold here.

The Colosseum
Between 1824 and 1827, a Colosseum was built at Regent’s Park by Decimus Burton. The dome of this structure was larger than the St Paul’s cathedral .It had a painting by Thomas Hornor, giving a magnificent panoramic view of London. This building slowly lost all its popularity after it was sold to John Barham, an opera singer in 1831.This fine structure was later demolished in 1874/75 and was replaced by the Cambridge Gate.

High class living on the Strand
The Strand could boast of being the chosen spot for some of the finest houses in London. This was before the Embankment was built. One of the houses that stays in the memory of all is the Durham house.

The first Globe theatre, Euston Arch and many more other structures were all part of the British history at some point of time.