Tracing the History

What The Situation In Britain Was Like In 1800

In 1800 the living conditions were a blend of luxury and poverty. A handful of high class society members indulged in royalty and tyranny while the majority of the common population suffered from the throes of misery and poverty. There was a population explosion during this period due to longer life spans, immigration, the industrial revolution etc.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, there was a huge movement of people from the villages to towns and cities. This sudden population explosion in the cities caused many problems. The cities were not ready to accommodate such large number of residents. Housing them all became big problems. All the grand houses were converted into places to accommodate many families together. Many flats sprung up to accommodate workers.

When so many families started living in such close association, living conditions became scarce. Every family got only one room and they had to adjust in that. Poor sanitation conditions, inadequate cooking arrangements, improper heating facilities, outbreak of contagious diseases etc resulted in atrocious living conditions. Most of the buildings were not maintained properly.

The worst nightmare was probably the poor condition of drinking water. Most of the waste, including human excreta, was disposed into the Thames. This was the water that most of the citizens were using for drinking and cooking purposes. Diseases like cholera, typhoid spread widely claiming the lives of millions of children.

The crime rate increased at alarming rates. However violence was not present. It was a question of survival for many. Petty thefts, stealing food and other essential items happened on a large scale.
Child labour was also another main issue as children also had to join the hard work to support their families. The conditions which the children were forced to work were extremely dangerous and unhygienic.

Living conditions during 1800 were pathetic and alarming to many while a few people enjoyed a royal life.