How my father grew a beard and I didn’t even recognise him

You may have seen photos of celebrities with and without their beard. You can easily see the difference between those photos. They look more mature with their beards on, but are younger without one. In fact, there are instances in which you can barely recognize them. They look as if they were different persons.

I felt the same way with my father. I used to seeing him without a beard. He is a clean guy who shaves almost all the time. He doesn’t let his facial hair grow too long without trimming it or shaving it off. This is why I was totally surprised when suddenly, he has grown a beard. I barely noticed it as I was away from home for several months to attend college. I was just surprised to go home one day seeing him with long beard. It was a surreal moment. It was as if I went home to a different house and I have seen a different father.

Why he did it

I confronted him about his decision to grow a beard and he didn’t say anything weird or surprising. He just wanted a different look and so he decided to grow a beard. He told me that it would be fun to shake things up and come up with a look that we are not used to. He also told me that he has not grown a beard at any stage of his life and it would be fun to have one now. Besides, it is as if he is in a corporate world where he has to look clean and shaven. He said that since his retirement, he has stayed home almost all the times.

He also told me though that it was not a permanent look. In fact, he is already preparing his shaving kit to remove the beard any time. He starts feeling itchy with the beard and he wants to even rip it off. He is just trying his patience and find out how long it would take him before deciding to shave the hair off.

Hearing his story made me feel relieved. I thought there was a deeper reason behind his decision to grow a beard. I thought he had a tough fight with my other or that we are in a deep financial trouble. Apparently, none of those suspicions were true. He was just trying to experiment at a late stage in his life.

A rebel at heart

He grew up in a very strict environment. His mother was conservative and they were raised in an uptight Christian family. He also studied in a Catholic school and even went on a mission to South America for a few months. He has graduated with flying colors and even proceeded with his postgraduate studies. This is the reason why he wants to shake things up right now. He knows that if he won’t do it now, he might not have the chance.

Going back to the old look

After a week of being at home for the summer break, I have woken up to the old father that I used to know. He has already removed the beard and looked great again. Personally, I prefer him without one. He looked a lot younger without a beard. He also showed me the beard trimmer that he has purchased online. He was very proud of it. In fact, he bought it long before he decided to grow a beard.

A touching story

I have never seen this side of my father before. He was really uptight and slightly conservative, even though he was more liberal with us. I appreciated him more with his move to grow a beard. It might seem like a crazy move, but he deserved it. In fact, all of us do. Whether it is growing a beard or dying our hair, it is ultimately our choice. As long as we think it would liberate us and make us feel better, we should do it.

Perhaps, I will also do some crazy stuff someday. I was thinking of changing my hair color this summer to surprise my family. However, growing a beard is definitely not in my plan. It would take lots of courage before I even decide to go for it.

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Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Family Time in the 21st Century

In today’s age and time, it is quite difficult to come up with a quality family time. In between work and chores at home, spending time with the entire family could be a big struggle. There are times when you want to go out and have fun with the kids, but you just want to make use of that time to take a nap. There are ways though for you to still enhance your family time in this modern age.

  1. Seek help. It doesn’t hurt if you let other people do your job for you. If you can afford to pay someone to clean your house up or cook your meals, then do it. You would rather pay someone and get that extra time to bond with your kids and do everything by yourself and get really cranky.
  2. Involve the kids. There are times when you have to work but your kids would love to play with you. The best option is to let your kids help you out. They would feel great if they can also help with the chores. It is also a way of teaching them valuable lessons.
  3. Don’t bring your job home. It is a must that when the time for work is over, it should really be over. The moment you are back home, you are a parent and a partner. Don’t let deadlines bother you. Make sure that you don’t talk work at home especially in front of the kids.
  4. Maximize the use of technology. There are things that could be made easier using technology. For instance, you can put everything on a reminder app so that you won’t forget certain tasks. You can also download software to help you with certain jobs while you spend time with your kids.
  5. Install above ground pools. Who doesn’t want the best above ground pools? This would cost a fortune but if it helps enhance your family time, then go for it. You work hard for your family. They deserve only the best. Having this pool at home will definitely make you spend more time with each other.

Family time is important. You have to do everything you could to be a good parent and a partner.

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