Is Airsoft a Good Choice of Hobby for the Whole Family?

There are families who like doing everything together. Apart from dining out, watching movies, or shopping, there are families who also like being active together. There are those who run, bike, climb, hike and swim together. Even bowling is a good way to spend time with family members and still be active.

If you’re thinking of something new, maybe you can try airsoft. This is more playful and exciting than playing laser tag or paintball. Airsoft can be considered as a variation of paintball but requires more strategy and skill. You can really use a lot of planning and teamwork when you play as a family. Strategising is important here, and so is cooperation and execution. You will also need to have the right gear and accessories to win. In order to be the best spring airsoft sniper, it would be wise to invest in gear and equipment so you can execute your moves flawlessly.

How does it work?

Playing airsoft is serious business. It is considered a competitive team sport that can also be ruthless and brutal to those who take it seriously. Opponents are eliminated when they are shot or hit with plastic BB pellets. The replica weapons are also called airsoft guns. But while people also associate them with paintball, enthusiasts maintain that there are fundamental differences between airsoft and paintball.

For one, airsoft pellets do not mark opponents unlike when you’re hit by a paintball. In the latter, you will be able to easily identify which players are already “out” of the game because of the huge blob of paint splattered in front of the person’s chest. He can no longer continue playing because everyone can see that he has already been hit. In airsoft, however, there are no visible paint marks left by the pellets, so this system requires honesty and integrity in the case of the players. He or she needs to declare himself as “out” even if no one has seen him get hit.

Another major difference is that airsoft guns are magazine fed and also require different accessories such as CO2 canisters. Enthusiasts will need to invest in this equipment and peripherals, not to mention set aside time for cleaning and maintenance of their airsoft guns and accessories.

Finally, airsoft guns do not look anything like paintball guns. They look more like real guns more than anything else and this is why they are used more by police and military personnel for training or “war games”.

However, experts do say that airsoft is a much cheaper sport to engage in rather than paintball. It will cost you about £4 per game of airsoft, while paintball costs significantly more on a per hour basis because of the gear and the ink or paint involved.

What Makes Airsoft a Family Game?

Admittedly, airsoft is not a game for toddlers or very young children, but those who have school-aged kids and want to spend time with them will find airsoft as an interesting hobby to pursue. Think of it in the same vein as you do families who go hunting, camping, or fishing together. It’s not exclusively a male thing, but it will also teach girls good instincts and strategic thinking.

As a family, you will operate as a unit during airsoft games. You can compete against one or more teams or families and battle it out for survival. Just be sure to give your children a rundown of safety precautions and measures before you start the game.

Additionally, buy protective gear to be on the safe side. Even if the airsoft pellets are small, they are still shot at a high velocity that could cause injury. Wear protective eye gear, helmets, elbow and shin guards as well as sturdy boots. The terrain can sometimes be rough and challenging and a little rain is not an exception.

The games continue rain or shine and can sometimes go on for hours. Prepare a backpack that is loaded with supplies such as water, first aid, and some quick sources of nourishment like muesli and granola bars. Even some easy to consume fruit such as apples or raisins can help during the games. This way, you will stay hydrated and nourished all the time.

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