How The Industrial Revolution Changed The Lives Of British Citizens

The Industrial revolution influenced the life in Victorian England to a great extent. Citizens from rural areas started moving to the cities where the social change was dominant. Along with the advantages, a number of negative effects also came into existence.

Victorian Houses

As the population of the city regions increased suddenly, there were many issues regarding how to accommodate all the citizens. Many grand houses were converted into flats Tenemant buildings were constructed to accommodate workers and their families. The living conditions were pathetic and a single family irrespective of the number of members had to be cramped into a single room. The basic facilities like running water, cooking facilities, sanitation arrangements were all minimal. In spite of these bad living conditions, the rent was unbearable. The tenants could not argue for fear of being asked to vacate.

Public facilities

An advantage of this enormous shift of people to the city was the invention of many public facilities for the convenience of citizens. The London Tube was introduced in 1863 which was a huge success. It aided in the transportation of millions of people .The Tower Bridge was built in 1894 which was another convenience for movement.


Probably due to the poor living conditions, most of the crimes reported at that time were petty thefts, food stealing etc. violent crimes were rare. People were basically struggling to survive.


The idea of Department shops came into existence by the mid 1800s.Before this all essential items were brought to the doorstep of houses and were purchased. A far cry from the abundance with have today with online shopping. Customers didn’t have many options and had to be satisfied with what the seller brought along with him. Even bakers and butchers used to bring their supplies to the servants door of all houses where the cook would choose what the family needed. This was also way before the advent of technical tools, so definitely no chainsaws like these.

The industrial revolution was a major event in the history of British people. It brought enormous change to the lives of the citizens.

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