Is Family Becoming Less and Less Valued?

There was a time when the family was considered the basic unit of every society. People aimed at getting married and have kids of their own. Recent surveys conducted among millennials show that having a family is no longer a priority for them.

Perhaps, it could also be blamed on the number of failed marriages in society. Add to that the fact that people are becoming more career-oriented these days. They prefer getting rich and having a more stable career than starting their own family and settling down.

It might seem like younger people are no longer into the traditional definition of marriage. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they give no importance on family values. There are still a lot of young people who want to get married. They just don’t want to be pressured by the society on what to do. They also want to define their own values in marriage.

Even if younger people try to stay away from the traditional definition of marriage, they are now redefining it in such a way that family values are preserved.

If you are one of these people who have a different definition of marriage and in a more radical way at that, it is perfectly fine. No one should tell you who to love and what type of relationship to be engaged in. As long as you are happy with your decision and no one told you to do so, you might as well give it a shot.

Eventually, if you have your own family, be as loving and caring as you possibly could. You may have a different perspective about marriage and relationship, but this should not in any way, compromise your parenting.

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