James Partleton- Information On His Further Years

After nine years of wretched existence at Drury Lane, the Partletons decided to move to Lambeth, where the rest of the Partleton clan was living. Though they moved with great hopes of getting a better future, nothing of the sort happened. Things seemed to go worse there. James got a new baby brother on 2/05/1847.Then they must have moved to Dukes Head Court (also known as Crookets Alley) as there is evidence that he lost a sister in 1849 there. She died from Cholera, most probably contracted from drinking contaminated water from Thames.

Two years later the family was still in the same place as proven in the UK census taken then. A school called Ragged school is mentioned in records. It was run by charity and had just two classrooms-One for boys and the other for girls. There is no evidence that James ever attended school. His elder generation knew how to read and write, however he could not even sign his name. Probably his younger brothers and sisters attended school.

In July 1851, a new baby had joined the family. From the 1861 census, it is understood that James was then a labourer who still lived with his parents in Lambeth. James lived next to the stinkiest soap factories of the neighbourhood. At the age of 25, he got married to Emma Gould .From the marriage certificate, it is understood that Emma was a literate.

Catherine Partleton, James’ sister, was a witness to the marriage. James had given his occupation as a painter in the same. They must have moved to Waterloo for a while and then back to Lambeth where his first son was born in 1862.The baby was christened at St Mary-the-Less Church. When his second child was born in 1864, they were living at Wickham Street. However this baby girl did not survive for more than a year. The next girl was born in 1865.

Then again another baby girl in 1866. The family moved north following James’ work. James and Emma had twin baby boys later out of whom one passed away six months after birth. They had two more boys in the coming years. James was working as a rice miller by this time. His living conditions were improving and the family was crawling out of the very poor state.

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